The company Kampf Telescope Optics (KTO) is specialized in the design and realisation of innovative and demanding optical instruments and diagnostics, in particular for application in fusion, space and astronomy. The company has been founded in 2014 by Dirk Kampf and Arnd Reutlinger, former employees of the company Kayser-Threde and is located in Munich, Germany.
The range of activity encompasses the design of optical systems from component to system level such as endoscopes, telescopes or interferometers. The focus is on optical systems with specific requirements such as high performance, high reliability, low mass, radiation hardness, cleanliness and operation in extreme environments (e.g. in Tokamak fusion reactor or in space), for all kinds of wavelengths from X ray to far infrared.
KTO is an SME (Small Medium sized Enterprise) with system capabilities. All key competencies, such as project management, system engineering, optical design, opto-mechanical design, FEM analysis, straylight and optical performance analysis, are in house. The team, familiar with working in a multinational environment, has many times delivered working solutions for critical key technologies, such as precise optical mounts, stable opto-mechanical structures and performing mechanisms.

KTO has established a quality management system based on DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. The management of risks is a very important aspect for the success of a project and thus for the company. Project risks are continuously identified and tracked in a risk register in accordance with customer requirements (e.g. ECSS).

D. Kampf has been involved as system engineer in many projects, e.g. ORFEUS, XMM, ANITA, Herschel PACS, H-Alpha and Visible Spectroscopy; MTG, Wendelstein, WSO/UV, EnMAP, etc. His range of competence includes optical and optomechanical engineering for space projects. In his former position as head of the optics department at the company Kayser-Threde GmbH (now OHB System AG) he was responsible for technical and administrative leadership of a team of 20 optical engineers.

A. Reutlinger has a long-term level of relevant experiences in the management of optical system designs for applications in space, fusion and automotive. Relevant projects are FESTIP/X-38, FLPP, Multipurpose FOS, FOSAT, WSO/UV, EUCLID, MTG, MERTIS and H-Alpha and Visible Spectroscopy.


The next figure illustrates the organisation breakdown structure of KTO. The engineering activities are led and coordinated by the Managing Director Technology (Dirk Kampf) who has more than 35 years of experience in the design of sophisticated optical systems for space and nuclear industry. The Managing Director Projects (Arnd Reutlinger) is responsible for all managerial aspects such as project management, communication, project organisation, contract, cost and schedule.

Our Goal

We define ourself as „supporter“ for scientific developments; as an interface between science and engineering. We support our customers to define/develop a system concept which is stable in terms of feasibility, technical maturity and costs.

Our Focus

  • Design, integration & commissionning of optical systems
  • Optical systems for application in critical environments
  • Challenging performance requirements

Our Products

  • Optical (sub-)systems for instruments and diagnostics
  • Optical test equipment
  • Technology development activities
  • Engineering services for optical design and analysis

Our Design Philosophy

  • Experienced team in design, manufacturing & integration of optical instruments
  • Tighly integrated teams
  • Short decision-making strategies
  • High flexibility
  • Cooperation with specialist for mechanical design, thermo-structural analysis and manufacturing
  • Interdisciplinary harmonisation of optical, mechanical, structural and thermal design
  • Finding innovative solutions for technical problems